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haunted barn 2023 flier-revised.jpg

Thank you to everyone who visited the Haunted Barn this year! Because of you, Diamonds In The Rough Rescue will be able to help horses throughout the year who need to be rescued and rehabilitated, then find them forever homes. Sometimes these animals are victims of abuse or neglect, and other times they've been loved by a family for years but, due to various life circumstances, they can no longer be properly cared for. Regardless of the situation they come from, it requires a lot of resources to ensure they eventually find their happily ever after homes.


Each ticket you purchased, all donations you made, and every delicious snack you filled your tummy with, helped us to accomplish this goal and we are so grateful for that! If you loved being spooked at Scary Oaks, please do us a HUGE favor and take a moment to spill YOUR guts by leaving a review on our Facebook page and sharing your photos with us! Your opinion truly matters to us!

We look forward to spending the next 11 months planning for an even bigger and better Haunted Barn for 2024 and can't wait to see you there! Until then, have a happy and safe Halloween, take care, and be sure to follow us at Diamonds in the Rough Rescue for updates on the many animals that will be supported throughout the year!!!


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