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Welcome to the International Rescue Horse Registry!

This registry is the dream of a horse rescue board member and supporter.
We'd like to give the wonderful people who give new life to abused and
rescued horses a chance to register them (even if the pedigree is
unknown) and earn year-end awards and scholarships. As our
membership grows, we plan to give grants to rescue horse organizations.
We are also accepted into the US Dressage Federation's All Breeds Award
Program! Membership is only $40 yearly.

Here's what you get:
- Certificate of registry that includes pedigree if known
- Year End Awards Program
- Scholarship Program
- Quarterly E-Newsletter with training tips and horse health care information
- US Dressage Federation All-Breeds Awards

We also offer an annual membership to those who work with rescue horses but may not have a horse of their own for $40 a year.
You can join at the IRHR Registration tab and you'll be billed via PayPal. If you'd like to pay via another method, pls let us know.

Please email us for more information!
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