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Stevie saved from kill pen (2).jpg

Stevie at auction (2020)

Stevie Driving Tacked_edited.jpg

Stevie at DITR (2023)


Stevie is a beautiful 17.1 hand Spotted Draft Horse who was left behind after an auction. When the DITR Team noticed him and knew the risk of him being sent to slaughter, they rescued him. Realizing he was blind, it took a while for Stevie to adjust to his new environment. A few days and a couple broken fence boards later, he was paired up with a seeing eye horse as his companion and started getting more comfortable in his new home. He drew attention from visitors because of his size and beauty but, because of his blindness, only experienced staff and volunteers could interact with him. It was later discovered that Stevie had previously been a cart horse who was also ridden before becoming blind. When an experienced volunteer attempted to ride him though, untrusting Stevie wanted nothing to do with it and was left to just graze and be cared for at DITR.
Update: Over the past year and a half, numerous milestones have been achieved by Stevie! Because of the hard work and dedication the DITR Team has put into the rehabilitation process, an unconditional bond has been created between them. He now has a trusting relationship with our volunteers, especially his Barn Dad, James, and is ground driving and ridable.

Come visit Stevie! He loves attention, is sociable and if you look closely, you will see his BIG Heart.

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