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Chanel is a 29-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare who came to DITR two years ago due to
owner illness. She was surrendered to the rescue and, with her advanced age, she has found herself a forever
home here at Diamonds in the Rough.

Chanel is a beautiful girl with her sorrel coat and flaxen mane and tail. She came to us having been loved and well cared for. She even has a few tricks up her sleeve which she is happy to show off, of course, for a treat! She loves attention, being groomed, and primped.

Chanel is in good health except for a cancer to her 3rd eyelid which was recently removed. She has recovered from surgery and just completed a round of chemotherapy. She is still flashy, very sassy, and full of her robust personality.


If you are interested in sponsoring Chanel, please contact Diamonds in the Rough Rescue at (757) 846-6076 to learn more!

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